How to Judge the Quality of Sublimation Ink?

 How to Judge the Quality of Sublimation Ink?

  For people who want to buy the sublimation ink, they must know how to judge the quality of the ink. One simple principle for choosing sublimation ink is that the more expensive, the better. But is is not always right. If you are not good at choosing sublimation ink, then start with us.

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  1. Fluency

  Fluency is the fundamental to ensure the quality of ink. If the fluency is not good, you cant print an unbroken image. Of course the printing task cant be finished successfully.

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   2. Color fastness

  Color fastness, including washing fastness, dry cleaning fastness, soaping fastness, etc. Good sublimation should be with good color fastness, so the products after transfer printing are not easy to fade. Usually high-quality sublimation ink for digital printing, the color fastness can reach 3-4.

   3. Color saturation

  Color saturation is a good quality for sublimation ink. Sublimation ink with high color saturation will help the color of your prints become more bright.

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   4. The stability

  Good sublimation ink should suitable for long time storage. The stability means the quality of sublimation ink wont change even you dont use them in a long period.(Of course, you should use it in its expiration date)


   5.  Environmental protection features

   Digital printing products because it will touch the skin, many will be exported to other countries, so customers usually have a high demand for environmental protection features, so the ink used in digital printing must be water-based ink.

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  If you just start your sublimation printing business and dont know how to choose the sublimation ink, i hope you can learn something from this article.





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