What Should You Do When Prints Contain White Spots or Horizontal Lines?

What Should You Do When Prints Contain White Spots or Horizontal Lines?

  There are too many people complain about that they have no idea about how to eliminate the whites spots or horizontal lines.Do you know how to solve this problem?

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  If you prints contains white spots or horizontal lines, it means your print heads may has been clogged--especially if you haven't used your inkjet printer for some time. Clean the head by running the printer's utility program. If you can't find it, try accessing it from your Print & Fax system preference. Select your printer from the list, and click on Options & Supplies. In the resulting window, click on Utility. You may need to clean the head several times for best results. Be sure to print a test sheet between cleanings to avoid damaging the nozzles.

  If cleaning doesn’t work, then you can turn off the printer over night, and run the the cleaning process once again. Generally speaking, the sublimation ink will not dried any more and will be easier to clean.

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  If you have a chronic problem with clogged heads, make a habit of turning your printer off at night. (Turn it off at the printer, not at the power strip.) In some models, doing so will engage a capping mechanism that protects the nozzles.

  Most printer utilities will let you print a test sheet that uses all the printer's ink cartridges. If you haven't printed a color image in a while, print a test sheet before printing a large file--it wastes less ink than a bad print.

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   Don’t be afraid to meet any problems when sublimation printing. Learn to solve it, and finally these experience will help you go further in your way.


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