10 Tips for Choosing a Banner Sublimation Printing Machine

 10 Tips for Choosing a Banner Sublimation Printing Machine

We often see a lot of colorful flags, and they make a great contribution to creating the festive atmosphere. We all know that they are made by the banner machine, But are there any tips for choosing a banner sublimation printing machine.

Mimaki Jv5-series

1. Is it a professional banner machine manufacturer (You can search the name in Alibaba and other large trading platform ans see whether you can find it quickly)

2. Can it print both on the fabric and transfer paper?

3. What print heads it used, we usually suggest you use a good print heads, because banners usually need a higher accuracy.

4. The printing speed (you’d better choose a printer with printing speed over 30m²/h)

5. Does the banner machine stable after long hours’ work?

6. Does the fabric easy to wave after long hours’ work?

7. The printing width should be acceptable

8. The quality of printed image should be good

9. If you want to buy at home, you’d better go to the factory to see the machine before purchasing

Banner sublimation printing machine 

  Banner or flag sublimation printing becomes more and more important nowadays, choose a right printer can help you a lot. I hope you can learn something from my article.



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