SubliCotton Transfer Paper , Your Best Partner for Cotton Sublimation Printing

SubliCotton Transfer Paper , Your Best Partner for Cotton Sublimation Printing

  If you are professional in sublimation printing, you will know that normal transfer paper is not suitable for 100% cotton fabric. If you want to sublimation printing on the cotton fabric, youd better use t-shirt paper, or another material- SubliCotton Transfer Paper. Many people dont know what is sublicotton transfer paper. Here is an introduction of it.

   Sublimation printing with sublicotton paper


  1. What is sublicotton transfer paper?

  SubliCotton Transfer Paper for printing onto cotton garments. This product is a drug-free composite, feel soft and comfortable. His innovative technique enables you to print onto white or light cotton garments using your existing sublimation printer and standard sublimation inks.

  2. The way to use

  a. Print the images to the sublimation transfer paper

  b. Put the sublicotton transfer paper on the textile. Remember, the sticky side should be close to the fabric.

  c. Put the printed sublimation paper onto the sublicotton transfer paper

  d. Adjust the temperature,pressure and time of the heat press machine, and the start transfer printing.

  3. Notification

  a. For different fabric, you should choose the different sublicotton transfer paper. For example, if you use fabric which is thin or in light color, you can use 28g/m2 paper. If you use the dark or thick fabric, you can use the 45g/m2 paper.

  b. Because of the friction and washing resistance of the fabric is different, so the user should do a application test, to ensure that the product meets its specific use conditions.

  c. For the sake of safety, we do not recommend the use of products that require repeated scrubbing, we suggest use it for bags, shoes and hats, handicrafts, they dont need to wash often.

  d. The sublicotton transfer paper has a small amount of elasticity,  but for large elastic fabric printing has an impact on the problem of pattern stretching, it is recommended for small elasticity or similar to the "partner" elastic fabric, or to recommend the use of flexible partners.

  e. It is recommended that the washing temperature of the products should not exceed 50.

  Using sublicotton transfer paper can help us improve the quality of printing, and can also help us save the costs. Maybe you can have a try.





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