What Should You Know When Heat Press for the Mugs?

What Should You Know When Heat Press for the Mugs?

  People who want to start their sublimation printing business, usually print mugs or t-shirts at beginning. Because they are very popular recently and won’t cost too much.For mug printing, if you want to produce a successful product for your clients, then the process of heat pressing is very important.

    sublimation printing on Mugs

  Using this machine is pretty easy and involves three simple steps only:

1. Create: start by creating a suitable design program- like Photoshop, Paint, Illustrator, etc.

2. Print: Next, print your design using a dye sublimation ink onto a high quality sublimation paper.

3. Press: With the aid of a standard flatbed or mug heat transfer machine, complete the imprinting process on your mug. By using an extensive range of soft or hard high margin products, you can successfully press your design.

sublimation printing on mugs

  Finally, please invest a high quality heat press machine, it will help you customize mugs for your clients successfully.


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