How to Maintain the Print Head of the UV Flatbed Printer?

How to Maintain the Print Head of the UV Flatbed Printer?

   UV flatbed printer is common used nowadays, more and more people like to choose one to start their sublimation printing business. But many people have no idea about how to protect the printer, especially the print heads. Here are some tips.

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1. The primeval maintenance

  In order to make the print head get into the best condition when formal work, you’d better try to print images as more as possible before 1~2 days. And the colors should be C-M-Y-K.

   2. Daily maintenance

  Daily maintenance for the print heads is very important. If you don’t want your print head get blocked, you must know how to clean it after one day’s work.

  a. Turn off the power

  b. Clean the sponge and soak it with cleanout fluid

  c. Move the head to the right side, and make sure the soaked sponge and the print head are knit together tightly. Remember, keep this condition all over the night.

  3.When print heads get blocked slightly, how to solve it?

  When you find your print heads are blocked slightly, please press the “PAUSE” button with no hesitation, and then use the clean the nozzles with the cleanout fluid. Why many people complain about that their print heads usually get blocked? One of the most important reason is that they didn’t take any actions when they find the print heads get blocked slightly at the beginning. Besides, take actions immediately can also help you find more reasons why your print heads are getting blocked.

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  4. When you print heads get blocked frequently, how to solve it?

  a. Press the “PAUSE” button, then press the “PURGE”

  b. Keep the power of the device on, and unplug the liquid sensor signal line from the control panel of the print head.

  c. Take the ink supply tube (from the vice ink tank) from the print heads, and then use a glass syringe to extract the special cleaning liquid to clean the  nozzle. Method: Each time with 40ml cleaning fluid, every 10 minutes, a total of 3~4 times.

  d. Contact each part again, and restart the printing tasks.

  5. What should we do if the methods above are not useful?

  If you find that all the ways are not effective, then what you should do is take the print head out of the printed, and soak it in the cleanout fluid for 1 day, and then use the special cleaning machine to clean it.

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   Sublimation printing with UV flatbed printer is not hard at all, what you need do is pay attention to the daily maintenance. If you have any other good solutions, welcome to contact us.





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