The Common Tips to Use the Sticky Sublimation Paper

The Common Tips to Use the Sticky Sublimation Paper

Sticky sublimation paper, which is designed for stretch fabric transfer printing. Compared with normal sublimation paper, the sticky paper has a special sticky coating, which can glue the sublimation paper and fabric together. So, the sticky paper can help avoid the ghosting in sublimation printing effectively.

applications of sticky sublimation paper

People will find that even they use the same sticky paper, there will exist 2 different problems: the paper is not sticky enough or the paper is too sticky. Why? This is because they are printed under different printing environment. Then, how to use the sticky sublimation paper appropriately to avoid this 2 problems?

   1. The level of the tack

   For different fabric and different seasons, they have different requirements

for the level of paper’s tack. Expect the normal sticky paper, there has a kind of high sticky sublimation paper, it’s viscous force has increased by 50%. It is suitable to be used in the dry seasons like autumn and winter. When people want to print light images, high sticky paper is also the best choice.

    sticky sublimation paper

   2. The type of the fabric

   Generally speaking, if the surface of the fabric is smooth, the paper and fabric will be hard to glue together. If you want to print on the smooth fabric, you should also choose the high sticky paper.

   3. The humidity of the working environment

   Usually the higher humidity means the higher tack. Some customers will find the sticky paper usually has a better performance in spring and summer. This is because in the spring and summer, there has enough moisture in the air, so the paper has a high level tack. If you want to print on autumn and winter, you’d better choose high sticky paper, or put the sublimation paper in the place where has high humidity. Besides, pay attention to the drying time when printing with sticky paper, and don’t let paper becomes too dry.


      sticky sublimation paper 

      sticky sublimation paper

   4. The storage

   Unused sticky transfer paper should be tightly sealed. If you expose it to the air, you will find it is easy to be non-sticky. And the printed sticky paper should be used in 2-24 hours. If you can’t transfer the images in time, you should also seal it tightly.

   If you are using sticky sublimation paper now, just pay attention to these details, and it will help you a lot in sublimation printing.




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