Sublimation Printing Grows So Fast, Why?

What Makes Sublimation Printing Market Develop So Fast?

   Sublimation printing market is very hot recenent years. According to the latest exclusive market data from a professional survey, it forecasts that in 2021 nearly 900,000m2 of textiles will be printed with the process, creating a global market worth nearly €3 billion ($3.4 billion). Why this market is so hot now?One of the most important reason is it's application.

    garment sublimation printing

  Garment printing is a crucial part of sublimation printing. The process sublimates the dye at temperature into a gas that penetrates and permanently bonds inside the fibers of the textile. This gives a high-resolution, permanent coloration that will not peel or crack. So more and more kinds of garments like swimwear, sportswear,fashion, ties and scarves, and others are printed with sublimation printing technology. The whole garment industrial represents a clear majority of the market value and volume.

    sublimation printing

   Sublimation printing on garment is very easy and cost little, and the speed is high. So more and more people will do some little business in this line. This reason also push the sublimation printing market becomes more and more hot.





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