Large Format Inkjet Printer, How Many Types You Know?

How Many Types of Large Format Inkjet Printer You Know?

When it comes to large format inkjet printer, what will comes to your mind? Water-based inkjet printer? Solvent inkjet printer, or UV-based flatbed printers? Many people may say i know none of them. Ok, now we will have a brief introduction of them.

sublimation printing

1. Water-based inkjet printer

  It is also called aqueous inkjet printer. This is the most common printer we’ve ever seen. Their name reflects the fact that water is the primary “carrier” component of the ink used in these printers.

Water-based inkjet printer can print on both indoor and outdoor materials, it’s printing system can provide the fastest output with typically the highest resolution. All available reports shows that global market of water-based inkjet printer will continue to grow, driven by trends in the technical document and digital graphics printing markets.

Oric inkjet printer

2. Solvent inkjet printer

Solvent inkjet printer, ideal for outdoor graphics production house.The solvent inks are versatile, long-life, can offer durability with a hitch. One advantage of solvent-based inks is that they are less expensive than aqueous inkjet inks. You can use less expensive media when printing with solvent-based inks, and therefore the signage industry has really taken to them.

But because they’re classified as “hazardous” due to the noxious fumes from the inks, and require special venting to be installed. So solvent printers are usually used in the factory, instead of office.

Epson s40600

3. UV-based flated printer

The other emerging category in wide format inkjet technology is the UV-curable flatbed inkjet printer, where the drying mechanism for the ink is completely different then that used in solvent inkjet printing. When ultra-violet light hits curable liquid ink, it transforms it from a liquid to a solid on the chosen substrate. UV-curable printers offer many of the same features as solvent inkjet printers offer with less expensive inks than aqueous inkjet inks and outdoor image durability without lamination. Since many are configured as flatbed systems, users can print directly on materials such as wood, metal, ceramic, and glass, opening a host of new possibilities in terms of applications and revenue streams. UV-curable has to improve its reliability and performance with flexible substrates if it’s going to overtake solvent printing in the roll-to-roll application.

Roland LEJ-640 printer

When you want to purchase a large format inkjet printer, you should decide which kind of printer you want, and then make other decisions.





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