Manufacturer of Dye Sublimation Paper in China

                                           Manufacturer of Dye Sublimation Paper in China

     Dye Sublimation is a process with the intention of is used to create distinguished quality photo quality printed gifts in small to standard volume, furthermore renowned as "personalization."

     With dye sublimation (also renowned as dye secondary, or subli printing) you're not solely transferring an image ON TO an piece - you're imprinting the image IN TO the go up of the manufactured goods, so it's stable.
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     Items with the intention of can be printed with dye sublimation printing includes coffee mugs, Tshirts, mousemats, tablemats, coasters, slab mats, floor mats, entrance mats, answer tags, terracotta tiles, carpet tiles, ties, lanyards, baseball caps, clocks, and much more....
  Sublimation is a very unique process that allows prints and designs to be transferred onto pieces of clothing, apparel, and other accessories. The great thing about the sublimation process is that individuals can do it themselves. This means that you can order a certain design or a print and place it on whatever you choose in whatever manner you choose. This takes customisation of your fashion sense to a whole different level and allows you to express your individuality in ways that you did not think were possible. Sublimation is a process that has a great impact on the world of printing related to apparel and apparel accessories.

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     Sublimation is something that almost anyone can enjoy and should try at least once. Sublimation is also especially appropriate for certain situations such as large groups or clubs. In this sort of setting, individuals can simply order prints, designs, logos, and so on and use them in whichever way they choose.
      GetWin Industrial Co.,LTD. is located in Nanjing China. Professional produce Sublimation Ink, Sublimation Transfer Paper and Heat Press Machine for 13 years. In all of the world we have the customers including wholesaler and the end user having good feedback. In future We will continue to try our best to improve our technology, providing high quality products and service to meet clients.

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