Sublimation Paper Sample Test, Why It Is Necessary?

Sublimation Paper Sample Test, Why It Is Necessary?

   Sublimation paper sample test is very essential. For certain businesses, test the samples before purchasing is an important rule, because this is an useful way to guarantee that the products you buy are actually what you want. As a supplier of sublimation paper, we will send samples to every customer before formal trade. Then, why sublimation paper must take a test before buying?

    sublimation transfer paper

Many people who just start their sublimation printing business often buy the transfer paper on the internet without a test, and finally they will find many problems such as color fading, the color turn to yellowish... The lucky thing for these people is that even they buy the wrong sublimation paper, the money they lost is little. But what if they are a large amount procurement? They will lost a lot of money.

 There are 2 reasons why people must test the sample paper.

 1. There are many kinds of sublimaiton paper in the market. For example, We can divide them into low-weight sublimation paper and heavy weight sublimation paper accoring to their weight. We can also divide them into fast dry sublimation paper and sticky paper according to their features. Different transfer paper are suitable for different conditions, only the test can tell you whether this kind of paper is suitable for you or not.

sublimation printing test


   2. The second reason is the lack of uniform industrial standards. For different sublimation transfer paper manufacturers, they have different standards. If they tell you that their paper has a great performance, it doesnmean their paper are suitable for you. You have to know, with the change of the environment, the performance of the sublimation paper will also have a change. Then, practice is the only criterion for testing truth. Just make a test, then everything will be known.

  In sublimation printing business, not only the transfer paper need to be tested, the sublimation ink should also be tested sometimes.





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