Heat Press Machine, How to Choose?

Heat Press Machine, How to Choose?

There are all kinds of heat press machine in the market now, they have different sizes, different shapes and different applications. For people who want to buy the heat press machine, i have some useful suggestions for you.

heat press machine


The first thing you should consider is the size of the machine. You have to make sure what are you producing and what do you plan to produce. For example, if you just want to print some little things like t-shirt, pillow, bags, you can choose a flat heat press machine. But if you are going to print the large items, you d better choose the roller heat press machine.

Then the consistent heat is also an issue you should take into consideration. Heat presses need to be heated to about 400 degrees fahrenheit for sublimation inks to transfer from the paper to the polymer fibers. This transfer has to be smooth and even for the process to work properly and for the image transfer to be consistent from one pressing to the next.

    roller heat press machine

Consistent pressure is another factor which need consider. A quality heat press has a heavy platen that generates enough weighted-pressure for a clean heat transfer without any cold spots.

Finally, you should pay attention to the timer. Having a timer on your heat press that times each pressing and alerts users to when it's completed is a majorly useful feature on both digital and analog models for ensuring consistency.

Maybe you also have your own tips to select your heat press machine for sublimation printing. If so, welcome to share with us.


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