The Error Code of Epson Surecolor Printer, How Many You Know?

The Error Code of Epson Surecolor Printer, How Many You Know?

   For inkjet printer, we can often see some error codes when using it. But for most of us, we dont know the meaning of these error codes. And the most troublesome thing is that the error codes are not same for different printers. Today, we will discuss the error codes of Epson SC T7000.

    Epson SC T7000

1. Code:  0001

Description: NMI error , CPU detects NMI 

Remedy: Replace the MAIN BOARD.

2. Code:  0002

Description: System error

Remedy: Replace the MAIN BOARD.

3. Code:  1101

 Description: CR life error.CR scan pass counter has reached the specified value. (which means the INK TUBES have reached the end of their service life.)

 Remedy: Replace the INK TUBES and reset the counter of the INK TUBE .

4. Code:  1125

 Description: CR HP detection error. The CR HP SENSOR cannot detect the CR UNIT. Or the CR UNIT cannot detect the touching surface for the home position setting, so the home position cannot be set. • CR HP SENSOR failure • False detection of the home due to paper jam or any other obstacle • Misreading of CR SCALE • CR Lock is damaged.

Remedy:  1. Replace the CR HP SENSOR.

                 2. Re-install the CR ENCODER. If it is faulty, replace it.

   3. Clean the CR SCALE using ethanol.

   4. Replace the CR SCALE.

   5. Replace the CR Lock .

5. Code:  1138

Description: Over current error. Connection failure of the CR MOTOR or the CR ENCODER. • The number of occurrences of overcurrent to the CR MOTOR has reached a predetermined limit. • Irregular load • CR ENCODER failure • CR MOTOR failure

Remedy:  1. Replace the CR ENCODER.

                 2. Replace the CR MOTOR.

6. Code:  1139

Description: Oscillation error. The control terminal (Vre terminal) of the CR MOTOR driver has shorted out.

   Remedy: 1. Remove the foreign material.

                   2. If the error still occurs, replace the MAIN BOARD.

   These are only a small part of error codes of Epson SC T7000, and I will find more error codes later for you.




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