All-over Sublimation Printing on T-shirt, How to Achieve?

All-over Sublimation Printing on T-shirt, How to Achieve?

All- over sublimation printing is common seen when we walk on the street. These beautiful garments make each people has their own charm. Then, how to print such a garment?

  all over sublimation printing

  1. Design the image in advance in the computer

  Before printing, you should measure the garment, and design the image in advance in the computer. If you want to have a mass production, measure a garment from every size in the job, smallest to largest, and create a template for each. Then you can save a lot of sublimation ink, and you can also save a lot of time.

  2. Print the image to the sublimation paper

  The second step is print the image to the sublimation paper with your large format inkjet printer. In this step, you should know a software called RIP (raster image processing), this software is basically a print driver on steroids. The image is loaded into the RIP software and printed on the heat-transfer paper, which is then cut from the printer and taken to the heat-transfer work station.

  3. Prepping the garment

  Flatten the t-shirt as much as possible in all-over t-shirt printingan effort to minimize creasing. The small areas under the sleeves where they connect to the rest of the body of the shirt usually present the biggest problem because they tend to wrinkle when pressed flat. A wrinkle in the garment prevents the ink from sublimating under that spot. This is a limitation of the process that should always be explained to the customer by showing them a physical example of an all-over printed garment. Sometimes this is not acceptable to the client, but more often than not they can live with it.

  4. Press the garment

  Once the garment is prepared, the heat press is lowered and allowed to dwell anywhere from 30 seconds to one minute, depending mostly on fabric content.


Finally, you need pay attention to some important things:

1) Make a sample text before mass production, and make sure the size, the ink load, and the temperature are appropriate.

2) You'd better choose the polyester, it will usually has a better result.





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