Why Your Print Head Gets Blocked?

 Why Your Print Head Gets Blocked?

   For sublimation printing, one of the most headache problems is the blocking of the print heads. As we all know that before you solve a problem, you need know the reasons why this problem happens. Today, we will discuss why your print head gets blocked.

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1. If the print head is exposed to the air for a long period of time, ink can dry up and block the small opening.

  2. Foreign objects (ink impurity or dust) can block the opening.  

  3. Some internet instructions advise users to wipe clean the print head with tissues or paper towels, which may introduce blockage to the print head.

  4. An air bubble can temporarily block the opening. Air is naturally dissolved in the ink. Fluctuation of room temperature will change the air concentration and thus form air bubbles.Besides,changing cartridges also introduces air into the system.

  These reasons listed above are the common ones, and can be applied to the most conditions. If you has checked all of them and still cant solve the problems, you can find the supplier and ask for help.


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