DTG (Direct to Garment ) Printing, Why We Choose It?

Why We Choose DTG (Direct to Garment )?

DTG printing (Direct to Garment), a process of printing on textiles and garments using specialized or modified inkjet technology, which can print the ink directly onto fabric. This printing method becomes more and more popular recently. Why?

DTG Printing

1. Unlike other printing techniques which apply the ink on top of the material, DTG printing injects colour pigments into the fibres of the fabric. When you touch the finished products, you can find the fabric becomes more softer. At the same time, the washability is much better

2. DTG printer is easier to operate than other printers because it requires fewer steps to set up.

3. More and more expensive DTG printers are used for high volume production, and its quality are nearly the same with the screen printing.

4. A big advantage over screen printing is that DTG gives you the full colour spectrum without any limitation and you do not have to produce a screen.

5. DTG will give you the best quality of design of any print on to fabric and can be as intricate as you require.

If you want to start your sublimation printing business from now on, DTG printing is really a good choice for you, especially when you want to print something with high quality.



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