When Will You Need UV Pritning?

When Will You Need UV Pritning?

 We all know that UV printing usually has a better result, and more and more people would like to have a try. But UV printing is not very necessary for some of us. Then, when will you need UV printing?

UV printer

1. When you want to protect the environment

Compared with other ink, UV ink discharges fewer emissions, because UV printing uses a photomechanical process to cure the ink instead of drying through evaporation, so its evaporation is minimized.

2. When you need a quicker speed

UV printing usually means a quicker speed because there is no evaporation process to wait for. UV inks dont bring the down times other inks do while they dry. This can save time and get your pieces into the market much more quickly.

 3. When you want to print on a specific shape

 Generally speaking, the UV printing is usually suitable for a certain shapes:

  1) A crisp, sharp look on uncoated stock

  2) A satin look on coated stock

  Of course it doesnt mean that other shapes are unachievable when using UV printing. You can consult some experienced person to see if UV is right for your project.

 4. When you dont want the smudging or abrasion occurs

  The fact that UV printing dries instantly insures that regardless of how quickly you need the piece in hand, the work won’t be smudged and a UV coating can be applied to prevent abrasions.

5. When you want to print on the plastic or non-porous substrates

  UV inks can dry directly on the surface of materials. Since it’s not necessary for the ink solvent to absorb into the stock, UV makes it possible to print on materials that wouldn’t work with traditional inks.

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