Laser Cutting Machine in Textile Industrial

Why We Need Laser Cutting Machine in Textile Industrial?

Laser cutting machine is widely used in textile and garment industrial, we can see many of them around us: clothing, curtains,decorations and so on. Then why we need laser cutting machine in textile industrial?

Laser cutting machine

1. Why we need laser cutting machine for textile?

Single-layer fabrics can be cut faster and therefore more productively with a laser than with a knife. Laser processing is a non-contact, tool-free process. The textiles and fabrics are not touched during laser cutting; as a result, the material is not warped. The laser beam melts the material and the results are clean, perfectly sealed edges.

2. Advantages of laser cutting

1). Perfect sealed edges when laser cutting

2). Accurate contour cutting

3). Productive processing

4). Non-contact processing

5). Simple high-quality manufacturing

6). One tool for all shapes

7). No tool wear

Laser cutting machine

    3. Can all materials be cut equally well?

Synthetic fabrics respond very well to processing. They often comprise plastics such as polyester. The laser beam melts polyester in a controlled manner, and this provides fiber-free, sealed edges. For organic fabrics such as cotton and linen, a brownish discolored cutting edge is obtained similar to when processing wood. This effect can be partially compensated by selecting the correct lens and laser parameters and using compressed air.

With the development of laser cutting machine, it will be applied to more and more files in the near future. If you want to take part in this line, you can invest one as soon as possible.




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