T-shirt Sublimation Printing,How to Solve Some Common Questions?

 T-shirt Sublimation Printing,How to Solve Some Common Questions?

T-shirt sublimation printing technology is widely used in our daily life. With this technology, people can print all kinds of beautiful graphics onto the t-shirts easily. There are many people doing t-shirt printing business all over the world, and here are some common problems in this line.

t-shirt sublimation printing

1. The graphics can’t be printed onto the t-shirt successfully.

   If you find that the designs can’t be transferred onto the fabric, you can solve this problems from 4 aspects:

   A. The pressure is not enough;

   B. The time is not long enough;

   C. The temperature is not high enough;

   D. The designs are printed on the wrong side of the sublimation paper.

   2. The color is light

   It is normal that the color will lost during the process of sublimation printing.But if the color lost too much, it will looks light after transfer printing. When you meet this problems, pay attention to following aspects

   A. Choose the sublimation paper with high transfer rate;

   B. Adjust the pictures on the computer before printing, such as it’s brightness, contrast and the depth of the color.

   C. Don’t transfer the just printed sublimation paper until 5~8 minutes.

   3. Lost color

   This is the most headache problem for t-shirt printing. If you meet such a problem, you can have a try of these methods:

   A. Use the good quality sublimation ink. Bad sublimation ink usually can’t permeate into the paper deeply.

   B. Don’t wash the t-shirt immediately. We generally suggest you wash the t-shirt after 24 hours.

   C. Increase the temperature, time and pressure when heat when heat pressing is also effective to avoid color lost.

  T-shirt sublimation printing is not a difficult task, but it needs you to be more patient and careful.



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