Dye Sublimation Ink, How to Store It?

Dye Sublimation Ink, How to Store It?

Dye sublimation ink is the essential consumables for sublimation printing. When you buy some sublimation ink , Do you know how to store them? If you have no idea, here are some tips.

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1. Pay attention to the expiration date.

Sublimation ink which is out of expiration date should not be use anymore. Once you find the ink is out of expiration date, please throw it away with no hesitation .And the sublimation paper should not be stored in a freezer, or it will be destroyed and become useless.

2. Stay away from sunlight

Sublimation ink, especially the water-based sublimation ink should avoid the sunlight and too much heat, or the service life of the ink will be shortened.

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3. Inks should be packed in air tight containers

When pack the sublimation ink, there are many things should be pay attention to. First, the inks should be packed in air tight containers, and it’s better to be shipped with bottles. Then, all the containers should be stored flat in order to avoid the shaking.

4. Wash the tools with distilled water

When you wash the tools, you’d better use the distilled water to protect to tools and guarantee the cartridges are dry, then you can pour the ink into the cartridges.

  Sublimation ink is very important for sublimation printing, if you can’t store them appropriately, it will influence the printing quality.



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