How to Get Away from Clogged Print Head?

How to Get Away from Clogged Print Head?

A clogged print head can not only influence the printing quality, but also harm your inkjet printer. Learn to clean your print head is very important. Using a syringe and some alcohol to unblock the holes can be very effective.

5113 printhead

Step 1: Remove the cartridge from the computer.

Step 2: With the syringe, take in some alcohol and put in some drops in the tiny hole where the ink runs from the ink cartridge to the head of the printer.

Step 3: When done, put the cartridge (only where the tiny holes are found) in some warm water. If some ink runs in the water, it means that the holes have been unblocked.

Step 4: Let the alcohol act for 20 minutes on the ink before putting the cartridge back in the printer.

Step 5: Run some test prints before using the printer normally.

One thing you should remember is that do an automatic head cleaning each time before any printing task. This will reduce the risk of having the print heads blocked by dried ink.




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