Steps to Replacing the Empty Ink Cartridges

Steps to Replacing the Empty Ink Cartridges 

Ink cartridge needs to be replaced after long time’s using. For most inkjet printers, the steps to replace the ink cartridge are nearly same.

Replacement Ink Cartridge

1. Find the correct replacement ink cartridge. Just give the inkjet printer brand and model number to the sellers, they will provide you the right one.

2. Just remove the old ink cartridge from the printer gently, here are the steps:

  a. Grip the cartridge. Some cartridges have clips that can be pressed in to release them from the ink tray.

b. Pull it at an angle away from point of attachment.

c. Do not remove your cartridges unless you have replacements ready. Leaving a print head empty for too long can dry it out, making it unusable.

3. Shake the new cartridge before unpacking, and remove the protector that covers the ink dispenser. Then Insert it in the reverse way that you remove them. Keep the correct angle, and it should fit in with little effort. Most newer cartridges will lock into place automatically with a little pressure.

4. Make a test and adjust your print head for the best quality.

Here are the steps to replace an empty ink cartridge, and it is not hard. As long as you replace it for several times, you will be skillful.




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