How to Save Sublimation Ink for Banner Machine?

 How to Save Sublimation Ink for Banner Machine?

Now the banner machine becomes more and more common in advertisement industrial. If you want it works effectively, then you’d better know some operation skills. Today, we will share some tips on how to save sublimation ink when you use a banner machine.

     Roland Texart XT-640

1. Don’t turn on and turn off the machine frequently

If you have many things to print, we suggest you print them together. Because every time you turn on the banner machine, the machine will be initialized and clean the print head, and refill the ink cartridges. This process will cause a large waste of sublimation ink. So remember don’t turn on and turn off the machine frequently.

2. Clean the print head appropriately

Most inkjet printer will clean the print head automatically when you turn on it, and there always has a button for print head’s cleaning. If the function of your printer doesn’t work, then manual cleaning is essential. But manual cleaning needs to be careful.

A. Never use sharp tools to clean the print head, don’t strike the print head and don’t touch the print head with your hands.

B. Never install or take down the print head when the printer is on. Remember turn off the printer when you do these job.

C. Never take the print head down from the banner machine and put it on the place where is dusty.

     Banner printing

    3. Don’t replace the ink cartridges immediately

  Banner machine always use sensor to see the residual ink in the ink cartridges. If the residual ink is less than the set value , the machine will inform you too. At that time, just take the ink cartridge out of the machine, and reset the sensor, then make sure whether we should change a new ink cartridge.

   4. Reduce the times of cleaning

  The block of print head will always happen when working, there are many reasons, such as the working environment, ink quality and so on. But clean the print head usually lead to a large waste of sublimation ink, so you’d better try to reduce the cleaning times.

  This is not all tips to save the ink. If you also have good idea, welcome to share with us.




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