How to Maintain Your CO2 Laser Tube?

How to Maintain Your CO2 Laser Tube?

  For most of the laser cutting machine, they all use the CO2 laser tube. As one of the most important part of the laser cutting machine, learn to maintain the laser tube is essential. Here are some tips.

Laser cutting machine

1.Must keep circulating water clean.If you find water becomes dirty,you must replace cooling water .And the cooling water must not be too cold or too hot.Because the laser tube is easy to be broken .It is better to keep  cooling water temperature between 18 to 25 degrees.The water temperature exceeds 30 degrees , the effect will gradually decrease the laser power. Laser tube cooling water should not have bubbles.

2. Laser tube with sediment for long time, it is better  to remove the laser tube and clean it,then install again.

3.Keep mirrors and lens clearly .If you use laser machine in a very terrible environment,need professionals use alcohol to wipe the lens.

4.According to different laser power to set current.If the current is too high,it will shorten the service life of laser tube.

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Maintain your CO2 laser tube well can not only protect the laser cutting machine, but also help you improve the working efficiency. So just pay attention to learn it.




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