The Applications of Dye Sublimation for Business Use

                                The Applications of Dye Sublimation for Business Use
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    When speaking to users of dye sublimation technology, you find it can mean drastically different

advantages to different businesses. To some, it means the ability to produce high-value, photo gift

products. To others, it means styling custom performance apparel where the entire garment – from

neck to hem – can be a zone for sublimation decoration.

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    Hundreds of other businesses use dye sublimation in unique ways. Arguably the most versatile

technology available to the product decorator today, sublimation allows for the creation of thousands of

full-color, true photo quality products in numerous markets such as apparel, gifts, awards and

recognition, promotional products, signage, recognition pieces, tile murals and much, much more.

Whatever your business' primary focus, dye sublimation allows for a wide interpretation of product

solutions across many market segments.
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    When investigating the products and equipment for the first time, businesses seem to have the

usual questions: How does the dye sublimation process work? What types of products can be

decorated? What equipment makes up a sublimation system?

    Before we explore these answers, we need to know exactly what is meant by the term dye

sublimation? Sublimation not only describes a decorating technology, it also describes a scientific


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