What Should You Do if There has Stripes after Printing?

 What Should You Do if There has Stripes after Printing?

   I believe many people may have met such a problem in sublimation printing: there has stripes on the paper after printing. Today, we will tell you the common reasons and solutions.

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   Reasons 1: Caused by the air bubbles in the ink cartridge. Under this condition, you can clean the print heads for 1 to 3 times with printer’s automatic cleaning procedure. If it still doesn’t work, don’t take the ink cartridge out, just put it there for several hours.


   Reasons 2: The sublimation ink has been run out. But some old printer won’t show it to people, so you need change the ink cartridge.


   Reasons 3: The print head is dirty and needs cleaning.

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   Reasons 4: The inkjet printer has a wrong set or the paper is not suitable. Reset the inkjet printer with the instruction, and use the sublimation paper . And if you want high quality images, remember set a high resolution condition.


   If you have a better idea, welcome to share with us.



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