Why It Still Shows no Ink When Replace a New Ink Cartridge?

Why It Still Shows no Ink When Replace a New Ink Cartridge?

When you replace a new ink cartridge, the printer still tells you that the ink was run out.What should we do when you meet this problem?

inkjet printer

  Reasons 1: You didn’t follow the instruction to peel off the tag paper. You must peel off the tag paper totally, then the air will enter the top of ink cartridge through the air vent system.

  Reason 2: The metal elastic piece in the print head is old and poor contact, so the printer may think the ink cartridge is still empty.

  Reasons 3: Caused by the air bubbles in the ink cartridge. Under this condition, you can clean the print heads for 1 to 3 times with printer’s automatic cleaning procedure. If it still doesn’t work, don’t take the ink cartridge out, just put it there for several hours.

Next time when you meet this problem, remember don’t change the ink cartridge at once.


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