How to Print with T-shirt Transfer Paper?

 How to Print with T-shirt Transfer Paper?

T-shirt transfer paper is designed for the 100% cotton t-shirts printing. Compared with common sublimation paper, you will find that there are some differences when using the t-shirt paper.

t-shirt transfer paper

What you need?

1. Dark T-Shirt Transfer

2. Dark T-shirt

3. Computer color inkjet printer

4. Ordinary household hand iron.

   How to print on 100% cotton t-shirt?

.  1. Preheat iron to highest (cotton) setting. DO NOT USE STEAM. (Empty any water that may be in iron. Allow iron to preheat for five minutes).

2. First, using FIRM PRESSURE, holding the iron with both hands and applying your body weight, iron on each area of the sheet for 20 seconds,

making sure to lift the iron completely off the surface when moving to a new position. Be sure to iron all corners and edges of the sheet.

3. Then using FIRM PRESSURE, iron over the entire image using consistent up/down and side-to-side motion for an additional 1-1/2 minutes, making sure to iron all corners and edges.

   4. Allow the parchment paper to cool for one to two minutes. Gently peel off parchment paper.

5. If applying multiple images to a single project, it is recommended that you leave the parchment paper in place until all images are ironed on so that the heat of other ironing applications does not affect already fused images.

t-shirt sublimation printing

   Now, do you get it?






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