DIY a Cotton T-shirt with Iron at Home

DIY a Cotton T-shirt with Iron at Home

Have you ever wanted to make a simple white t-shirt of your own at home? T-shirt transfer paper can help you now. T-shirt transfer paper is designed for cotton t-shirt printing, you can even make one with a house hold iron. How to do it?

t-shirt sublimation printing

1) Choose a smooth, hard surface at waist level or below. You must put all of your weight into the ironing, push down as hard as you can. That is why you do not use an ironing board.

2) Preheat the iron to the highest cotton setting for 3 minutes - do not use warm. Do not use steam (empty all the Water).

3) Place a pillowcase on the hard surface and iron to remove any wrinkles.

4) Place the garment on the center of the pillowcase and iron to ensure flatness.

5) Place the transfer printed side facing down in the desired position on the garment

6) Step press with firm pressure, slowly along each side of the image. Place the iron in one spot and press that spot. Then more the iron to the next spot. 7) Hold each press for 45 seconds

8) Continue to step press over the entire image. Ensure all edges and corners are firmly pressed. Total ironing time should be 5 to 6 minutes for 8.5 x 11 size image.

9) When all areas are adhered do a quick pass with the iron to heat up the whole transfer. Peel the transfer immediately while it is still hot.

But pay attention, adult supervision is recommended for children. And ·Wait at least 24 hours before washing.





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