Solvent Ink and Eco-solvent Ink, Which One You Choose?


Solvent Ink and Eco-solvent Ink, Which One You Choose?

   Solvent ink or eco-solvent ink, which one is suitable for you ? Many people don't know how to choose. So we make a list to help you understand them well. Hope it will be helpful for you.

Eco-solvent printing

Solvent printing
Eco-solvent printing
Generally cheaper
Generally more expensive
Used for outdoor applications like hoardings, banners, shop boards
Used for indoor applications for store and point of sale branding, posters, interior design, etc.
Exudes a smell of solvent
No smell
Of a lower resolution. Hoardings are viewed from a distance
Very high resolution meant for close distance viewing
Used for large images and fonts
To be used where the document contains hi-res photos, diagrams with a lot of detailing and small fonts
Is rain water and sunlight resistant
Lamination is recommended if the print is to be displayed outdoors
Needs to be stretched on a wood or metal frame, or strung up with eyelets
Can be pasted directly on walls, glass, laminates or a 3 / 5 mm sun board
Used for short lived promotional campaigns
Used for more permanent applications









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