New Market Segment by Adding the Sublimation System

                                  New Market Segment by Adding the Sublimation System

      sublimation process
      Business owners have long exploited the versatility of dye sublimation. It’s not unusual for

sublimation users to make a variety of special products to satisfy an individual customer’s diverse

needs. Whether it’s providing interior signage, full color plaques, or promotional goods, a single

vector logo delivered to a digital decorator can yield hundreds of individually customized, sublimation

products. Furthermore, digital decorators from other industries like engraving and embroidery are

finding that they can target entire new market segments merely by adding a sublimation system.

    sublimation printing
    Sublimation is a printing process that uses a chemical reaction to transfer an image from paper to

fabric or another medium. To begin the process, the reverse of the image to be transferred has to be

printed on special coated paper using sublimation ink. (The name “sublimation” is applied because

the dye transitions between a solid and gaseous stage without going through a liquid phase.) Once

the image is printed on the paper, it is placed upon the garment and sent through a heat press

machine that operates at a temperature of around 375 degrees Fahrenheit. The high temperature and

pressure turns the dye into a gas, which permeates the fabric and solidifies into its fibers. In order for

the chemical reaction to occur the fabric must contain polyester or other synthetic material.

    When you're first getting started, the sublimation process can present some unique learning curves.

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