Common Tips and Tricks for Heat Pressing

Common Tips and Tricks for Heat Pressing

Heat pressing is not a hard target, but not every one can do it well. Here are some common tips which can help you work better.

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1. Make sure the collar of the shirt you are pressing is hanging off the lower platen of the heat press. Doing this creates an even surface, therefore even pressure that will ensure your heat application evenly adheres to the shirt.

2. Pre-press your shirt. This removes wrinkles and moisture and allows the transfer to adhere to the garment better.

3. Transfer placement should be 3 to 4 fingers below the neckline, depending on the shirt style and transfer. Place the transfer too low or too high and it might look saggy or even silly. Download our latest e-book to help with proper design size and placement.

4. Know your application instructions and make sure the press is always set up correctly prior to application, especially if you have walked away between applications. Time spent double checking your instructions and settings will save you time and materials in the long run.

5. Use a cover sheet. Easy to do but quickly forgotten in a hustle. You dont want to spend precious time out of your day not making shirts while you thoroughly clean the platen. Keep a small stack of cover sheets nearby as a reminder and soon youll be making a good habit of it.

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If you want to invest a heat press machine, learn some tips can be helpful for you.






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