Why Your Image Looks Blurry after Heat Pressing?

Why Your Image Looks Blurry after Heat Pressing?

Have you ever met this problem: the images looks blurry after heat pressing, but the test strip is OK. If yes, have you found the reason?

Filter of inkjet printer

Yesterday our customer told us he met this problem and dont know how to solve it. After our technicians checking, we finally find the reason: the filter.

People are easy to ignore the filters when meet printing problems. But if there is something wrong with the filter, the ink will outflows brokenly.

When you meet this problem, just take the filter away, and just use the ink tube to connect the ink cartridge and the print heads.

 This is not the only reason that make your prints look blurry. If the temperature of the heat press machine is too high, or the pressing time is too short can all cause this problem. Next time when you meet this problem, you can check these reasons one by one.

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