InkTec Sublimation Ink, What Do You Know about It?

 What Do You Know about InkTec Sublimation Ink?

 There are many kinds of sublimation ink in the market, but if you ask which is better, I am sure that most people will introduce inktec sublimation ink for you.

Inktec sublimation ink

InkTec develops and manufactures various inks, it’s quality is recognized throughout the world. Not only do they hold their own ink technology, they have precise knowledge on printer structures. They provide a better quality than other manufacturers that use low-price raw material and simple formulation.

InkTec sublimation ink has many advantages.

1. It has a good fluency, and can save the ink loading of 35%.

2. It can continue to print with high speed, and increase the print

head’s service life.

3. It is produced with green technology, and has passed the test Of MSDS, and has no harmful substance in it.

4. InkTec sublimation ink has high concentrations and wide tonal range, so it’s color is more bright.

5.  It is fast dry, and has a stable quality.

6.  It is both suitable for direct injection and thermal transfer.

7.  It can adapt to different print head, such as 5113/DX7/DX5/DX4  




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