The Daily Maintenance of Your Inkjet Printer

The Daily Maintenance of Your Inkjet Printer

   Inkjet printer is common used nowadays, but many users lack the basic knowledge of printer maintenance. Here are some tips.

inkjet printer

1. Inspect the print head before printing, and make sure that the

Print head is not blocked. After that, we can avoid the waste of sublimation ink.

2. Once you turn off the printer, please turn on it again in 48 hours.

Long time no use is harmful for the printer.

3. The images for mugs printing should be large. If you set the images

too small, the finished products will be ugly.

4. Don’t turn on and turn off the printer too often in a short period,

Because once you turn on the machine, it will clean the print head automatically.

5. Don’t take cartridges out frequently, or the air can get in easily.

6. After cleaning the Print head of Epson 830U, you’d better turn off

the machine a short term, then examine the effect of the printer.

  These are some fundamental skills of maintaining the inkjet printers. Welcome to provide more skills to me. Thank you.

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