Epson Print Head, How to Maintain It?

 Epson Print Head, How to Maintain It?

Epson print heads are very popular all over the world, because it has great quality and competitive price. As one of the most important part of your inkjet printer, learn to maintain your print heads is very important. Today, we will show how to maintain your Epson print heads.

print head


1. Scrub the head surface with swab every two hours.(From inside to outside). After scrubbed, press ”INK” button for 3 seconds to clean automatically.

  2. Please follow the head maintenance in training materials when finished the job everyday.

  3. Steep the head surface with moisture when you finished the job everyday.

  a. Put non-dust cloth into a container. Fill moisture liquid into it.( Moisture should flood the non-dust cloth.)

  b. Put the container on the platform. Move the carriage above the container.

c, Raise the platform to let the head surface soak into the moisture.

Print heads are very important for sublimation printing, only maintain them well, your printing tasks can be done successfully.



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