Step by Step of How to Use Sublimation Transfer Paper

                                 Step by Step of How to Use Sublimation Transfer Paper

    sublimation transfer process
    Sublimation transfer paper is used to permanently place an image onto a piece of fabric such as a

T-shirt, jacket, jersey, cloth banner, flag or other textile. When the paper is heated, its adhesive backing

melts the printed image directly into the fabric. Such a project represents an enjoyable and

inexpensive way for creative types to make their own original garments.

    Printing the Image

    Load the printer so that the blank-coated side of the transfer paper will receive the image. Most

brands of transfer paper will have a red grid or similar warning on the reverse side of the paper to let

you know that that side should not be printed on. Print your image onto the transfer paper, and then set

it aside.

    Prepare a flat, solid surface to transfer the image that will not be adversely affected by heat. A large

wooden or hard plastic cutting board on top of a table or workbench is a good choice. Do not use an

ironing board – it is too soft for the correct amount of pressure to be applied. Once the surface is

prepared, place the garment down and spread it out.

    Transferring the Image

    Put the iron on a dry setting so that there is no steam. Again, the heat should be at maximum. Apply

the iron to the image and move it around as though you were ironing. Apply a generous amount of

pressure; this is crucial for a proper transfer, including the elimination of air bubbles. Continue moving

the iron around, ensuring each part of the image is in contact with the iron for up to 60 seconds.

    Peeling Off the Paper

    Set the iron down, but leave it turned on. Allow the transfer paper to cool down for about five minutes

or until it reaches room temperature. Then, stretch the garment a little and peel the paper off from one

corner. The image should now be applied to the garment. 

   roll sublimation paper

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