Epson 5113 Print Head, Do You Know It?

 Do You Know Epson 5113 Print Head?

Epson 5113 print head is the print head which designed for Chinese inkjet printer. Many customers asked me the differences between 5113 print head and DX5 print head. Here are the differences.

5113 print head


   1.The number of nozzles

   DX5 and DX7 print heads: 8 lines*180 nozzles=1440 nozzles,the smallest nozzle is 3.5PL/5PL.

   5113 print heads: 4 lines*800 nozzles=32 00 nozzles, the smallest nozzles is 1.5PL.


   2. The size of the print head

  The size of 5113 print head is 1.3 inch, 30% width than the DX5 and DX7 print heads.

5113 print head

   3. High speed

   Because the amount of nozzles are much more than the DX5 and DX7 print head, so the 5113 print head can print with 3 pass and the speed can up to 30 m2/h.

   4. The price

   The price of DX5 printhead is much cheaper than DX5 and DX7 print heads.


   If you want to buy a chinese inkjet printer, you can try to buy the one equipped with 5113 print head, and you will find it is a good choice.   




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