Why Dye Sublimation is the Best Choose for Printing Area

                              Why Dye Sublimation is the Best Choose for Printing Area ?

      roll to roll heat press transfer
      Dye Sublimation combines a high heat printing method with specially coated paper to create

durable prints that are less vulnerable to fading. While this method may be chosen because it creates

such good photo-realistic output, the fact that the color lasts longer is an added bonus. For durable,

photo-quality printing Thermal Autochrome also uses a special paper that has the color already in the

paper. It is activated by heat.

     t-shirt heat press
     Sublimation is the process by which ink is permanently embedded into a substrate such as plastic,

metal, wood, cloth, ceramic, leather, etc.

     The sublimation process enables us to print in multiple colors, with photographic quality imagery,

up to 24" x 20" in short and long runs. Sublimation is much more durable than screen printing. Run

your finger across the surface of sublimation and you will feel nothing.
    heat press transfer paper

     Natural fibers and non-coated materials have no "pores" to open and so the dye just sits on top of

the fabric. Sublimation Heat transfers are the best way to imprint cotton and cotton-blend fabrics.

     rotary heat transfer

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