Choosing Right Sublimation Ink For Your Business You Also Should Consider The Color Quality

When it comes to the sublimation business, it’s the images that matter most. Whether it’s a corporate logo, an iconic or family picture, a cool design, or a simple plaque, the images you imprint onto your substrates are what make your products special. Do you know sublimation ink play an important role in the process?

If you want to output beautiful patterns, you should consider many factors, such as the quality of transfer paper and substrate, optimal settings for pressing, environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, cleanliness, etc.), color modes, profiles, software… the list goes on and on. While all of these are important to consider, the sublimation inks you choose is one of the most critical keys to cracking the code for outstanding sublimation prints.

This means that getting the right colors of sublimation transfer ink is also important. Let’s take a look at the key consideration for choosing best color of sublimation ink for your customers.


The quality of your color is critical when aiming to produce the best prints for your customers. While the purity and formulation of the ink is a significant factor, the color management and print software you use is also key. When shopping for inks, take into consideration what color management tools you will need to ensure the colors on your final product are as close to what you designed as possible.

Many inks come with a single color profile—software that works with your design programs to manage color conversion from RGB (on-screen) to CMYK (on paper). Because sublimated colors are also influenced by the substrate and paper being used, not to mention the heat and pressure from the press, a single-color profile will not produce colors as good as more specialized software can.

This may mean that you need to purchase a raster image processor (RIP) program, which can be expensive, or look into buying inks with more advanced color software. Skyimage also sales the eyeone color software.

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