Guidelines for use of heat transfer ink in autumn and winter

Due to the recent alternating autumn and winter seasons, the temperature changes are large, resulting in significant temperature differences in various regions. Thermal transfer inks may also change in the case of climate change, and some problems arise. The specific conditions are different, but most of them are caused by cold weather and dryness.

Temperature effect

When the temperature is lowered, the viscosity of the ink will increase, which will make the fluidity worse. The ink will be affected by the ink flowing during the operation, and the inkjet of the nozzle will be damaged, which will damage the piezoelectric ceramic inside the nozzle and cause the nozzle to fatigue. Road, frequent broken ink and other phenomena.

Recommendation: Increase the temperature to control the fluidity of the ink to achieve a better state of the ink.

specific method

1. Add a temperature control device to the bottom of the nozzle to change the temperature, or add a temperature control device at the secondary ink cartridge and the main ink tank to change the temperature.

2. The indoor printing temperature is 18-28 degrees.

Humidity effect

In winter, the temperature is low, whether it is heating or air conditioning, the relative humidity will drop (ie dry).

1. Effect on print head / ink

First of all, the static electricity in the dry environment is high, which has great harm to the equipment. In the process of using the ink, it is easy to appear such as serious flying ink. Secondly, when the air is dry, the volatilization speed will increase, and the ink on the surface of the nozzle will dry out quickly, causing the nozzle to be clogged. It is easy to express flying ink, frequent disconnection and oblique spraying during the printing process. If the nozzle is not paid attention to, the nozzle may be damaged.

2. Influence on print media

Drying also changes the material, making coatings or other chemical materials on some materials change to be incompatible with ink, and materials based on photo materials, such as paper, will dry in the case of drying. Some problems such as material warping and excessive ink absorption of the coating occur. If it is not solved in time, it will cause damage to the nozzle and motor.

Recommendation: Keep the indoor relative humidity between 55% and 80%, and the printing equipment should be grounded.

Printing device shutdown notice

1. The printer should be turned on once a day, and the nozzle is detected. If there is a broken needle, etc., the nozzle cleaning operation should be performed until the nozzle is normal to ensure the smoothness of the pipe and the wetness of the nozzle. The condition allows small color blocks of various colors to be printed.

2. The printer is stopped for 3-5 days. In the off state, the print head is removed, the special cleaning liquid is dripped on the ink stack, the waste ink tube is clamped with the long tail clamp, and then the nozzle is moved to the ink stack to ensure the between the nozzle and the ink stack. The seal is intact.

3. If the printer is stopped for more than 5 days, please replace the ink cartridge with special cleaning solution at the end of printing, and clean it once or twice to ensure the ink path and nozzle are clean.

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