What Risks Would Happen During Sublimation Printing on Fabric

                             What Risks Would Happen During Sublimation Printing on Fabric
     Everything have two sides. You not only need to know the advantages of sublimation printing,but

also to note the risks and try to avoid them.

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    1. When the fabric is rewound and the sublimation inks are not completely dry (and some printers

do not have a dryer) the ink will stick or "migrate" from colored to white parts creating ghosting or

replicas on the white parts. The phenomenon can be avoided by stopping the migration drying the

media (and the inks) at a temperature of around 120°c only a few commercial systems provide for this

possibility. This phenomenon may be more evident if the paper it is not immediately sublimated;

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    2. If the fabric feeding system is not carefully designed contact may occur between the head and the

fabric or the advancement of the fabric is not consistent;

    3. If the fabric feeding system is not specifically designed for the fabric but is a quick and easy

modification of a paper feeding system, you can have a printout that has a length of 200cm, the same

one printed after it will be 205cm and again the same it can be of 197cm, this happen when every step

of the media is not constant and does not take into account the difficulties of the media;

    sublimation fabric printing
    4. Depending on the inks used it can be that you need to wash the output, in this perspective it is

very important NOT to use standard sublimation inks (the ones used in the “traditional process”)

because those inks have a brownish carrier that will stay on the media surface and will be NOT fixed.

When some water goes onto the media you will have black/brownish stain of ink. It will be a disaster

when you have a colored area beside white ones. This will not happen if you will use inks dedicated to

the direct printing because the carrier is transparent. IF you will have a colored stain it means that the

fixation has not been good enough.

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