The application scheme of Epson Environmental protection eco-solvent ink

Epson Eco-solvent Ink New machine

A. Machine width: 1.626 m

B. High-quality micro-piezoelectric print head

C. Wide color gamut, image level output quality

D. Four-color ink system S40680 (nine color/s80680)

E. 4 colors (9 colors) Epson eco-solvent ink system


Application plan - no need for laminating, simple and efficient (PP, photo paper, car stickers)
Traditional graphic and text fast printing can be matched with weak solvent media such as PP and highlight. It can save cost and shorten work flow without coating.

Application plan -- personalized wallpaper

Application plan decorative painting (canvas, non-woven)

Application plan -- advertising
It can output solvents, such as light bulbs, photo paper, and so on, and can also respond easily to indoor and outdoor advertising needs.

Application plan --- new leather PU mounting
EPSON+ digital printing PU to achieve a new hardcover mounting for high-end cover materials (Hardcover recipes, photo albums).

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