EPSON 3200 special ink interview market!

There is a little story about EPSON 3200.

This print head comes from EPSON 4720, which is a EPSON desktop printer nozzle. It is said that this sprinkler is used for EPSON's desktop printer. As we all know, desktop printers are not widely used in advertising. The Epson 4720, discovered on inkjet printers by clever Chinese, was used in weak solvent, UV and thermal sublimation printing schemes to produce excellent performance. Because it costs between 500 and 600 dollars, its cost is lower, and its economic benefits are better. Therefore, EPSON 3200 immediately attracted attention in the advertising and printing industry. We already know that the printer has been stopped by Epson, but there are more than 100,000 sprinklers on the market. At the Shanghai exhibition, this sprinkler came into focus and became the focus.

What are the advantages of EPSON 3200/4720?

It is not only cheap, but also has obvious advantages in the following aspects:

1. Printing speed
There are 3200 sprinklers in EPSON 3200 sprinkler head. Speed performance: 3PASS high speed printing can be realized, and the speed of single nozzle printer can reach 30-40 square / hour.

2. Printing accuracy
Epson 3200 nozzle uses TFP film piezoelectric technology, 2.5PL variable point, using technology to restore the primary color, accuracy mismatch. The minimum ink level is 2.5PL, and the output picture is more delicate and perfect.

3. Corrosion resistance
Epson 3200 print head is a corrosion-resistant print head, applicable inks include: water-based ink, oily ink, solvent ink, UV ink, thermal sublimation ink and so on.

The printing head can be used for both waterborne and oily inks, and the existing market inks can be used for indoor and outdoor printing.

The following printers are EPSON's top 3200 companies: Skycolor, Witcolor, Gongzheng, Feiyue and so on.


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