FeiYue to send you, autumn and winter heat transfer ink usage guidelines

Due to the recent Autumn and winter seasons, the temperature difference is obvious and the temperature difference is obvious in different regions. Heat transfer ink will also change under the circumstances of climate change and some problems arise, the specific situation is not the same, but mostly caused by cold and dry climate.

Influence of temperature

When the temperature decreases, the ink viscosity will increase and the fluidity will become worse. The ink will affect the nozzle inkjet when it is not fluent. At the same time, it will damage the piezoelectric ceramics inside the nozzle and cause the nozzle fatigue, which will occur such as vertical channel, frequent ink breakage and so on.

Suggestion: raise the temperature to control the flow of ink and make the ink better.

Influence of humidity

In winter, the temperature is low, whether it is heating or air conditioning heating, the relative humidity will drop (that is, dry).

1. Impact of printing head / ink

Firstly, the static electricity in dry environment is high, which is harmful to the equipment, and the ink is easy to appear in the process of using, such as the serious phenomenon of flying ink. Secondly, when the air is dry, the evaporation rate will be accelerated, and the ink on the surface of the nozzle will dry up quickly, which will cause blockage of the nozzle. During the printing process, it is easy to appear as flying ink, frequent line breakage and oblique spray. If the nozzle maintenance is not paid attention, the nozzle may be damaged.

2. Influence on printing medium

Drying can also change the material, making the coating on some materials or other chemical materials change so that it is incompatible with ink. There are also some problems such as material warping and excessive ink absorption in the drying of materials such as paper. If not solved in time, the nozzle and motor will be damaged.

Suggestion: indoor relative humidity should be kept at 55%-80%, and the printing equipment should be grounded.

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