Points for attention in ink jet printing of textiles

In inkjet printing of textiles, not only the effect of color and light after mixing several kinds of color inks should be considered, but also the dyeing problem of dyes on fibers after printing - adsorption, diffusion and fixation.

In order to ensure full dyeing and fixing on the fiber, the ink used for textile inkjet printing has a low viscosity, which is easy to cause the penetration of droplets and reduce the effect of color matching and the fineness of patterns. Therefore, it is necessary to pretreat the fabric before printing. The main purpose of pretreatment is to make the dyes have good dyeing and fixing properties. The dye solution should be prevented from infiltrating and the dye fixation should be prevented.

Therefore, we can learn from the pretreatment of paper inkjet printing. Before paper inkjet printing, we can use inorganic filler such as silica, cat earth, talcum powder, calcium carbonate or natural or synthetic macromolecule binder such as starch, gelatin, casein, Arabic gum, sodium alginate, polyvinyl alcohol, polyacrylamide, sodium polyacrylate etc. Pretreatment. In addition, we should add auxiliaries for dye fixation. In addition, some surfactants or solvents should be added to the pretreatment solution to improve the wettability of the ink on the fabric, so as to ensure that the dye is in a good soluble state during fixation.

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