Is UV ink toxic?

Printing damage to the body is usually caused by volatile solvents in the ink, but UV printing ink, there is no volatile solvent. UV ink is not toxic after curing.

Although UV ink is not toxic after curing, it can not be said to be completely harmless. Because UV ink still has certain irritation and corrosiveness to the skin. If you choose green UV ink, you can avoid this situation.

What is UV ink?

UV ink refers to the use of UV light of different wavelengths and energy to make the monomers in the ink binder polymerize into polymers, so that the ink film and dry ink. UV inks also belong to inks, as inks, they must have gorgeous color (except in special cases), good printing adaptability, suitable curing drying rate. At the same time, it has good adhesion and wear resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

What is green ink?

Green ink refers to the use of harmless raw materials for the manufacture of ink, ink production and printing process almost no pollution, almost no harm to human production and living environment of ink varieties. Broadly speaking, green ink is a relatively environmentally friendly product. It contains the following 3 meanings:

(1) The harmful components of the ink should be obviously reduced, including reducing the content of aromatic hydrocarbons and ketones, reducing the content of heavy metals and other harmful components to human body.
(2) The harm to operators and environment in the production and use of ink should be obviously reduced, and the production environment of the first line should be improved.
(3) To facilitate the recovery and disposal of packaging waste, there can be no "two pollution" and so on.

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