What are the characteristics of sublimation ink?

Different types of ink in the use of places will have a clear distinction, really understand the time not only from the performance analysis, but also to see how the overall market evaluation and word of mouth. Now many people know that sublimation ink is widely used in many industries, we need to understand the time is to look at the specific characteristics of what? Guarantee can play a better role in choosing to use, and it can know the actual value and so on. Therefore, we should grasp the details better, and we will be able to choose better.

Feature one, in the gloss of the whole color, the choice of thermal sublimation ink is to ensure that the entire saturation of the color. Such hot sublimation of some products, whether in brightness or overall gloss is very high, naturally in the market has been recognized and liked by many people. We should also look at what is better when choosing, in the specific choice will be more assured. In some small details also need to be reasonable to choose to ensure that the use of ink can be correct operation.

Feature two, the real choice in the use of thermal sublimation ink can be found, now in the market this product weather resistance is very good. To a large extent, consumers will be able to know that the actual value of the meaning is really high, as long as you can reasonably choose to use, you can know that the overall scope of application is very wide. And the value of these benefits themselves are more reasonable, as long as we can all know the actual value, in the specific choice time can know whether it is good or not, we can also know some basic value role.

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