What Advantages of Sublimation Printing on Sublimation Transfer Paper

                          What Advantages of Sublimation Printing on Sublimation Transfer Paper

      Sublimation is a printing process that uses a chemical reaction to transfer an image from paper to

fabric or another medium.

      sublimation paper printing
      Printing on sublimation transfer paper (do not forget that you have to print in mirror mode J),

transfer on polyester using calender or heat press, the temperature must be set around 200° C, the

time from 30 to 60 seconds.

    1) Printing on paper - you can virtually use any commercially available plotters that can print with

sublimation inks (water based inks). You must be particularly careful before rewinding because the

paper and inks must be perfectly dry to prevent marking and replication. When printing at high print

speeds, it is difficult to achieve perfect drying before rewinding because with more speed you have

less time to dry. In a production plant dedicated to sublimation it is quite common to see lots of fans in

front of the rewinding paper to speed the drying process;

     sublimation system
    2) With careful management of profiles you can get details very sharp and very "dry" lines;

    3) Generally standard polyester can be used without having to buy fabric that has been specially

treated for direct digital printing;

    4) A single big calender can generally handle more plotters, Calenders of good quality can transfer

at high speeds (depends on the time of contact, which is generally between 30 and 60 seconds) even

100 or 200 meters per hour. It is obvious that if you use plotter printing at 30 sqm/h a single calender

can support 3 plotters allowing the investment of calender to be shared across several plotters. This

rule is valid only when using a plotter with “slow” print speeds. When printing at 70/80/100 sqm/h this

speed is very close to the that of the calender;

   sublimation equipment
    5) This technology is used primarily for the sublimation sportswear printing market. After printing it

is much easier to cut the printer paper than to cut the fabric on printer. Direct printing can offer a better

penetration of ink in the media but the benefit cannot overcome the difficulties of the subsequent


    6) You do not need to wash the final output (if it has been properly fixed).

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