The 3 step is to teach the color and image adjustment of the heat transfer ink

Determine the color mode of heat transfer ink.

In PHOTOSHOP, RGB mode is selected for drawing and CMYK mode is forbidden, which is decided by the printing mode of the printer and the characteristics of the thermal sublimation color printing ink.

Adjust the ink content of the heat transfer ink to change the color balance relationship, the new CMYK curve.

Step: Open PHOTOSHOP and click on the menu file - color settings - CMYK installs in the menu separating options to adjust the following values:
1. select GCR in separation type.
2. in black production, select "heavier".
3. black ink set 100%.
4. the total ink limit is 400%.
5.The number of VCA (A) is set to 50%, and finally click to confirm that the new CMYK curve is completed. Please do not change at will, this value is the color curve of the sublimation color printing ink.


Color adjustment process for thermal transfer ink.

1. Adjustment step: After the picture is scanned, adjust in the menu image adjustment - brightness, contrast, color saturation in the three tools are adjusted: image in brightness + 5 + 10 brightness, in contrast + 5 + 10 contrast, in color saturation + 10 ~ 20 saturation, in general, add the lowest value of character photos, its The image has a higher value.

2. Color Adjustment: Thermal sublimation color printing ink is difficult to master the color of red and black, usually scan to the computer after the red and black need to be adjusted separately. Normal color filling in the color board RGB color, positive red for M87%, Y99%; black for C66%, M55%, Y54%, K100%. When printing text, also use four-color synthetic black. When you need to adjust the color individually, the menu image - adjust - select the color to adjust the value, the dialog box to determine the absolute value, and then adjust the color value in the image to close to the RGB color value. The above is the value of PHOTOSHOP5.5, other softwares refer to this, use the software value.

3. Print Output Settings: In the printing software, customized advanced options, in turn set as: photo quality ink-jet printing paper; 1440 DPI; horizontal flip; photo realistic, this setting print out the best effect. When needed, the following cyan, magenta and yellow can be + 25 to increase the amount of ink and deepen the color saturation.

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